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Journey’s End, Journey’s Beginning

And a bittersweet milestone has been reached tonight. My final revisions to The Sword of Fate are finished. Need to run this past my wife for review one last time and then it’s off to the editor.

This wraps up the tenth story to feature my “Rogue with No Name” and that brings this particular collection to a close. It’s going to be tough to put him out to pasture for a while. He’s been a big part of my life for the past four years, ever since I first began developing this character. I can’t say every story wound up working out like I initially envisioned them, but it’s been a great deal of fun going through folktales, fairy tales, and legends to find just the right story that would work with this guy.

So, I suspect at the end of the weekend, my 16,000+ word short story, (O.K.,, that’s probably a short novella for you purists out there), will be en route to my more than patient editor for this series of stories and eventually, it’ll be available for purchase or review.

Now, it’s time to turn my attention to other things that need to be written.

What? You thought I was going to take the weekend off and do something fun like play Guild Wars or Mage Wars or go to the RenFest?

O.K., well, maybe a bit.

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