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Writer Miscellanea

Let’s see, what all can a writer do when he doesn’t add to his word count?

1) Sent off two contracts to a publisher for work coming out late 2014/early 2015

2) Sent off a newly revised proposal for Secret Project #1. (Keeping fingers crossed.)

3) Submitted a proposal to another publisher for Secret Project #2. Don’t expect any movement on that for a while, but keeping other fingers crossed there.

4) Made my hotel reserved for Archon.

4a) To do soonest: make my plane reservations for FenCon and Archon.

This is the home stretch for my four “out-of-area” conventions for the year. After this, everything I’m going to in 2014 is either in the Washington D.C. or Baltimore area so that’s just a short drive or light rail trip away. It’s nice sometimes to go to new towns and find cool shops and restaurants, but it’s tough to beat going to a convention and still getting to sleep in your own bed.

5) Pro Se Productions released the cover to my novella (formerly known as Murder in Monaco, now known as Mouse Trap), featuring The Original Black Cat

From their FB post:

The cover below features the Golden Age Comic Heroine The Black Cat! Author Richard White breathes prose life into this classic character in his upcoming story- MOUSE TRAP- to be a part of an imprint to debut from Pro Se later this year entitled….

Well, we think that’s enough announcement for now…:)

Black Cat Proposed Cover_color

I had to add, “I have to thank Rock Baker, Jeff Austin, and Marc Haines for this fabulous cover. Great job, guys. Here’s hoping my story is up to this incredible cover.”

Originally published at Richard C. White. Please leave any comments there.

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