Richard C. White (nightwolfwriter) wrote,
Richard C. White

One down, too many to go.


Tonight, I finished the line edits for The Pearls of Darkness Affair. The second story of my Theron Chase duology is finished. All I have left to do it type the changes into the computer, make a few more edits (because, I always do), and then get this shipped off to Tommy Hancock and Pro Se Productions.

Also, wrote about 750 words on the secret project. How many of them will survive when I get back to it tomorrow? Not sure yet. Again, I’m not always the most comfortable when it comes to writing short, especially when I’m introducing a new story and characters. Got to get right into the story, but still have some character development too. It’s a balancing act, but one I hope to get better at as this project comes along.

Now, it’s back to Crossed Swords tomorrow.

*looks around* Now where the heck did I leave that time-turner?

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