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Finishing and Starting

And the first draft of The Pearls of Darkness Affair is finished. Now, it’s time to print out a copy and take the red pen to it.

This story took way too long to write, but given this summer, everything’s taken too long to write.

I need to concentrate on getting Crossed Swords done and I need to finish the edits and retype Sword of Fate and get both of those off to the editor. Then we can consider some of the other stuff to come.

Wow, it feels good getting some of the stuff off of my plate.


Something I have to tell myself from time to time:

Remember the first rule of writing:

”The first draft of anything sucks. That’s why they invented editing.”

And the second rule:

“You can’t edit a blank page.”

Just let it rip. Write, edit, and then write more.

Even if you don’t sell it, you learn something from the act of writing. You have to simply keep going, even when it sounds horrible. Probably because it may be. But, once you have it, then you can go back and say, “this isn’t too bad, just needs polishing,” or “Self, you were right, this sucks” and edit it out of the book.

But, you can’t edit yourself into not writing. That’s getting the cart before the horse.

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