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Playing catch-up here

1) Shore Leave was a lot of fun for Friday and Saturday. Really enjoyed Meet the Pros, met some new people, sold some books, signed some stuff. The get together in the bar afterwards was fantastic and stayed up with friends way too late swapping “No fooling, there I was” war stories until 3am.

Saturday’s panels went very well. The Writing Historical Fiction panel was overrun and overshort. We had so many attendees, we couldn’t even finish our portion much less answer all the questions. We’re hoping to get a two-hour block next year. Howard Weinstein did a great job setting this up. The Writer Beware panel went well. We had both Michael Capabianco and me from the Writer Beware committee and David Wilson who sat in to give not only another writer’s POV but also a small publisher’s.

2) Sunday? Not so hot. Apparently I picked up a screw in my tire coming home Saturday evening, so I spent what should have been the third day of Shore Leave at the tire store. 4 new tires and a brake job later, I decided it was time to punt.

3) Sunday – good: Watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Going to see it again tomorrow night. Yeah, it’s that good.

4) Wrote 1400 new words on Crossed Swords this week. Almost ready to put that story to bed.

5) Spent Tues/Weds working with some artists to get everything coordinated for the cover to Murder in Monaco. Can’t wait until the publisher gives me the green light to tell you more about this project.

6) Talking with a publisher about pitching a comic series to them as well as writing some other stuff for them. More to come.

7) Went on a writer’s walk-about today. Spent the day at Macha Time Cafe in Ellicott City. Knocked out 4700+ words on The Pearls of Darkness and will be getting back to work on it as soon as I post this. Hopefully, I can finish this up tonight. *crosses fingers*

And that’s the week in a snapshot.

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