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Richard C. White

The Joys of a Busy Schedule

It appears I will not be attending the Baltimore Book Festival in 2014. I received my invitation on 13 July, but looking at the dates, it’s falling the same weekend as FenCon in Dallas. I contacted them back in March about doing programming and a Writer Beware workshop/panel, so that has to take precidence.

I mean, I love going to conventions where I can sleep in my own bed and just drive to the show or take the Light Rail/Metro in the morning (hello conventions in Baltimore/DC). My second favorite shows are the ones in NYC, because it gives me a good excuse to visit with my writing sensei, Steve Roman of StarWarp Concepts – and then take the subway in to the show in the morning from his place.  (Are we noticing a trend here?) I don’t mind paying for a hotel, but if I can minimize expenses then that’s definitely an added bonus.

I’m running into the same issue in 2015. I have a choice between doing Awesome Con and BEA/BookCon since they’re both going to be the same weekend. At Awesome Con, I’ll have a dealer table, while at BEA, I’d just be helping out at the SFWA booth and then the StarWarp Concepts booth. And as much as I like helping my friends out, making some money toward going to other conventions/expenses is the better idea at this time.

I hate missing shows, especially shows I enjoy, but scheduling conflicts happen and sometimes, you just have to follow your gut.

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