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Finally back in the saddle

For the first time since the start of July, I really felt like writing again. It’s a little slow because I’m having to re-read a lot of what I had been working on to hunt down things like character’s last names and so on, but there was movement and progress was made.

First off, I’ve made my hotel reservations for FenCon and sent them an updated bio/picture for their web site. I swore I thought I had done that earlier this year, but apparently it wound up in the bit bucket. Also contacted Archon to verify my attendance before I start booking hotels/flights. So, that’s out of the way.

Also, I re-verified that Kashi Tan and April MacDee still wanted to attend Awesome Con. So, I’ll need to contact them soonest to get my table in Artist’s Alley for 2015.

Then, we actually got to writing. I added 1014 words to Crossed Swords in the Moonlight, my musketeer-inspired story, and about 1000 words to The Pearls of Darkness Affair. I say about because I rewrote a big chunk of the scene I had added right before my father’s illness.

So, it looks like I did about 2,014 words for the first day back in the saddle. Tomorrow I need to answer some correspondence I haven’t gotten to, reformat a few documents to pass to an edtior re: Terra Incognito, and then get back to writing.

After all, I am a writer. It’s what I do and I think it’s what Dad would want me to do.

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