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Hand Me My Trench Coat and Fedora

And calling it a bit earlier than last night. 1750+ words added to The Pearls of Darkness Affair. I’m probably going to revisit this last scene and add in some more description. However, I do have the dialogue down and I’m pretty happy with the tones of voices and I think they sound like the people they’re supposed to represent.

Sometimes, the problem I run into when I’m doing a pulp/noir type of story is I listen to a lot of the old radio dramas, which, of course, are very dialogue heavy. That’s usually why I wind up doing them in two passes. The first I try to focus on voices and get the give and take of the repartee down. Then I have to turn off the audio track in my head and figure out what I need to describe and/or elaborate on to fill in the world around the people conversing.

I admit, I do like dialogue. I don’t know if it’s from my time as an actor or my time doing radio, but I have been accused of having two people standing against a white canvas at times. So, it helps to go back through and ensure I’m painting the background and identifying the props to go along with my story.

There are times when it feels like an author is padding by going into “such” detail when it’s not moving the story forward, but setting the stage helps set the atmosphere in the reader’s head. So, there’s always the war of “how much is not enough, too much and just right.”

No one told me writing was based on the Three Bears. *sigh*

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