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Clearing the Decks

Worked on Crossed Swords and The Pearls of Darkness Affair today. Only added about 350 words to Swords, but I was busy looking up things about the era of Louis XIII of France.

However, it was a much more productive evening with Pearls. I added 4178 words and tied together some scenes I’d written earlier. It’s a good feeling to finally be making some progress on this one. I’ve been stuck for a while. I’d written myself into a corner, so I had to step back and redo the outline completely for this one.

Now, that is no guarantee I’ll stick with the outline if something better comes to mind as I’m writing the next section, but I know where I “think” I’m supposed to be going with this story. That sometimes is all the boost I need to get going again. With any luck, the main villains will remain the main villains this time and I won’t be killing them off too early like I did already once with this story. (Bad characters, no cookies.)

Clearing the decks is not always fun, but it’s a good feeling when you stop for the night and can look back on a body of work.

It’s a good feeling to know you did about 4500 words in a day and most of them might be keepers. *grin*

And, FYI, I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 yesterday at the theater. I think I know another movie that’s going to be coming home to join the collection as soon as its available. Because, you know . . . . dragons!

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