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Got some great writing in on Sword of Fate this week. 5,684 words in two days (Thurs & Fri).

If the back holds up, I hope to finish this story and hammer out the plot points on The Pearls of Darkness so I can get that finished up before Tommy gives up on me completely.

Plus, there’ll be some letters going out today on some super-secret projects that came up at Origins.

I also suspect there’ll be food and coffee consumed today too before it’s all over.

And tomorrow? Dragons!


Oh, and speaking of catching up. I plan on spending some time this evening/tomorrow updating the site. I apologize for letting the front page get a bit out-of-date.


Last minute addendum: I see the Legend of Korra is starting back up next Friday (June 27). I’ve been a fan of many franchises, but the whole Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra story has really captured my attention. If someone came up to me and said, you can write for any franchise that you want but that’ll be the only one you can ever write for again, this one would be my choice.

Honestly, the TV shows have just barely touched on the world. This is a license just begging to be mined.

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