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I’m working on my own BEA/BookCon review, but since I’m out celebrating my anniversary, here’s the con report from my friend Steve Roman, the brains behind StarWarp Concepts:

BookCon 2014 Wrapup

However, just because I haven’t done a review of the con doesn’t mean I haven’t been working around here.  (Well, I didn’t do anything Monday – I was out celebrating my 23rd Anniversary with my lovely wife, Joni, that evening.  Hey, even writers get short breaks.)

Shipped Strikeforce Falcon #1: Flashpoint off to the publisher Tuesday night.  Once I get my edits and get them turned back in, Flashpoint should be scheduled to come out sometime in July. More information as soon as I get it from Pro Se Productions.

On other fronts, I added another 1925 words to Sword of Might (which is the new name for “Fool’s Cup“), and 2985 words to Crossed Swords in the Moonlight, which will be appearing in another anthology.

Origins Game Fair is coming up fast, where A Gryphon’s Tale will debut in the Con Anthology Monsters.  Then after Origins, my next convention isn’t until Shore Leave, which is probably a good thing.

Clearing the deck to concentrate on the thesis, one way or the other.

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