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New Book Release and more books in the pipeline

Skin the Cat

#9 Skin the Cat

To celebrate Skin the Cat‘s release today, I’m featured on my publisher’s blog this weekend. Skin the Cate is the penultimate story in my “For a Few Gold Pieces More” collection. I have to say, besides Yuki, Cat is without a doubt, my most favorite co-protagonist so far. She takes all the snark my “Rogue with No Name” dishes out and returns it in spades.

Any similarities between Cat and a few author friends I might have is completely coincidental. (He says with a very innocent look on his face.

And speaking of writing and editing . . . .

First set of edits on Murder in Monaco are complete. I’m going to give it one more scrub and sent it off to the editor this weekend. One edit I need to make though is to change the name of this story. Once again, my characters decided to go in a different direction and there was no murder after all. (Go figure.) So, I think the new title for the story will be Mouse Trap. Once the editor has approved the story, I”ll explain the new title in another post.

Added 4000 words to Fool’s Cup (which also needs a title revision . . . once again, my characters are introducing me to myths and folktales I hadn’t even considered when I pitched the story title to my publisher two years ago.  *sigh*).

I’ve hit the 8,000 word mark on Flashpoint, and need to start wrapping it up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish this this weekend so I can get it edited by the time I get to BEA on Friday.

I got the first set of edits on The Darkness in the Tower back from my alpha reader (re: wife), and she didn’t tear it up completely, so that’s a good sign. That needs to get done by Thursday too.

And when I get those things done, I need to get started on Pearls of Darkness, Crossed Swords, and On Her Majesty’s Magic Service and get them finished up as soon as possible.

Plus, I’ll be joining Victoria Strauss and Michael Capobianco at BEA next weekend to help man the SFWA booth representing Writer Beware as well as helping out my friend Steve Roman man the StarWarp Concepts booth on Saturday at BookCon.

Maybe it’s a good think I”m not a panelist at Balticon this weekend. *eeek*

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