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The Busy Month of May

Been a very busy day today, which is great because it means I got quite a bit done.

First of all, I did the edits on Strikeforce: Falcon. I’m a few pages from being finished, but it was very useful to go back through what I had done already and give it a good scrub. It’s a bit tighter and we’re getting read for the big fight scene when I get back to writing it.

Then I met with my graduate adviser and reviewed my comprehensives as well as discussing my future thesis strategies. It’s going to be a busy summer/fall if I want to get this done by December.

Then after I came home, I reviewed the galleys for Skin the Cat and “A Gryphon’s Tale” as well as writing up my short bio to go into Monsters for Origins.

Then, I spent some time talking to my editor about On Wings of Steel and how we’re going to proceed on the edits for the novel.

All in all, a very good evening.

Tomorrow, I have to knock out my PowerPoint for my Wednesday night class and then back onto these stories I need to get finished. Looks like May is going to keep me hopping – plus, I do have to schedule some time to see Gojira this week. (Maybe more than once. *grin*)

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