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And the Collection Continues to Grow

Wings of Fire

You’d think I’d learn after all this time.

Within the first twenty-four hours of pulling into the small village of Tanneytown, I’d already been hit on, arrested, framed for burglary, mugged, and dragooned into robbing an impenetrable manor house crawling with guards and who knows what else. All to acquire the statue of a golden bird that I’d never heard of before I came to this place. Oh, and did I mention that if I get more than a mile away from the poor schlub who’s coming along with me, we’ll both die?

And to top everything off, somehow I’ve managed to team up with a wolf on this mission. Not just any wolf. Oh no, my life can’t be that easy. Somehow I’ve managed to team up with the world’s most sarcastic talking wolf. Yeah, I know there’s not a lot of competition for that title, but believe me, he’d win in a landslide. To gain his aid, he wants me to do him a favor, but he won’t say what it is … yet.

So, crazy nobles, sarcastic wolves, murderous thugs, mysterious treasures, and me. I’d say, things are pretty normal … the way my life goes.


The latest story in my For a Few Gold Pieces More collection, “Wings of Fire” celebrates its release date today.

Available at my publisher, Musa Publishing, as well as Amazon, B&N, and other fine purveyors of e-books.


Originally published at Richard C. White. Please leave any comments there.

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