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Plans and Pains . . .

Some days, words come easy. Some days, not so much. Actually, the words were coming easy tonight, but my back was rather unhappy with me. It took quite a while to figure out the best set up for my writing area so I was late getting started.

Still, I knocked out 1567 words tonight on Murder in Monaco and have just finished setting up the final scene in this story. We’ll probably have to put this on hold because I need to focus on my paper for my Seminar on African Literature since it’s due next Wednesday.

Of course, while I was at work today, one of my colleagues gave me a great idea for a new story. However, I added it to my notebook to take a look at it later. I’ve already got too many things on the schedule to try to shoehorn in another story. But, it was a delicious idea and if I don’t use it for a separate short story, it may work very well in a story called Shattered Mirror I’m co-writing with April MacDee.

<Hannibal>I love it when a plan comes together</Hannibal>


Oh, and tonight, I got the envelope from Bowie State I had been waiting for . . . the results of my Comprehensive Exam.


I passed.

*fires the confetti cannon*

There’s no other test I’ve ever taken in college (graduate or undergraduate) I wanted so much to pass. I never want to have to take that again!

And now, I don’t have to!

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