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The Author’s Lament

So, how have I been spending my time since the con? Just kicking back and relaxing? *wipes tears from eyes from laughter* Not a chance.

First off I’m working on my final paper for my Seminar in African Literature, doing a deep reading of Amos Tutuola’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and identifying whether or not a case could be made that it is an allegory for slavery. Definitely taking a lot of research time because there’s surprisingly not a lot of peer-reviewed literature out there on this subject.

Plus, I just finished the line edits for Skin the Cat and mailed them back to my editors at Musa Publishing. Cat is the penultimate story in my For a Few Gold Pieces More collection and without a doubt the longest story in the collection. Tomorrow, I hit the galleys for Wings of Fire. The rest of the week will be devoted to trying to finish Murder in Monaco as well as working on my paper.

Oh, did I mention working on my thesis?

What is this recovery time you speak of?

Well, outside of going to bed, which I probably ought to do here soon.

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