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AwesomeCon Wrap-up

And AwesomeCon has come to an end.

Saturday’s crowd was significantly larger than Friday evenings, but then again, most of the media guests were there. There were a ton of cosplayers and way too many cute kids in their costumes. Sunday’s crowd was much smaller, which didn’t surprise me considering it was Easter, but unfortunately, sales on Sunday weren’t quite up to the first two days. But, there were good conversations with the fans and even ran into another UCM alumnus at the show (small world and all).

Several con goers walked away with books of mine over the two days. It was odd, but for a comic convention, my anthologies sold better than my comics . . . go figure. Sold almost all of my current stock of the Corps of Engineers anthology. I”m down to my last two Hulk anthologies – I think they’re probably the last two in the wild. And, I sold several Chronicles of the Sea Dragon, Troubleshooters, and a Shazal miniature.

One of the really fun things was getting to see my co-plotter on Chronicles of the Sea Dragon, April MacDee, get to sign her first comic for one of the fans. I remember that, (OK, vaguely I admit),

but, it was still fun to watch.

I was also able to represent Writer Beware a few times. Talked to some new writers about where to get advice, discussed a publisher with another writer and will be doing more research on it with the rest of team, and best of all, I visited with the D.C. Public Library staff about possibly doing a Writer Beware workshop at the library some day this fall. I noted we tend to speak mainly to SF/F writers because those are the conventions we normally attend. However, people who write romance, historical fiction, literary fiction, mysteries, etc. face the same challenges as anyone else.

So, it was a fun weekend, but now back to the grind.

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