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AwesomeCon - Day 1

First day of the show is in the bag.

I was beginning to worry at first.  As normal, I didn’t get out of here as quickly as I thought I might, but at least I started early enough that a small delay wasn’t a killer for once. However, now I remember why I prefer to be a panelist and not an exhibitor/dealer. Gah! Much easier to bring a small bag of books to sell at a signing than trying to remember if I brought this, and packed that, and do I have enough of the other thing . . .

Still, all in all, it was a very productive day and got to meet quite a few fans. The daughter-unit came along and helped out quite a bit, especially when Dad was getting mighty grumpy that it took over a half-hour to find a public parking garage in that part of D.C. Luckily, Dad is taking Metro there tomorrow (there’s a station that comes up right under the convention center).

We had a good time and she picked up some significant swag and got to meet some of her favorite artists from Deviant Art as well as some of the web comic artists/writers that we both enjoy.

Sold some Chronicles of the Sea Dragon, my Star Trek anthologies, and my Johnny Nickle books. Made a few new connections and definitely hope to do some horse trading with a few people between now and Sunday.

Also, booked my hotel room for Origins tonight, so that’s another load off of my mind there.

However, gonna be an early start for tomorrow to get there by NLT 0930 to get the table set up. Hopefully my back and legs will hold up all weekend (Once the doors opened, I sat down for about three minutes between 1500-2000 and tomorrow is 1000-1900. Yikes. Aleve, do your stuff!)

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