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Convention Preparations Continue

A little closer to getting ready for AwesomeCon this weekend. Dropped off a job at Kinkos to get some handouts made to promote my e-books and I’ll be able to pick that up tomorrow morning.

That’s one of the drawbacks to doing primarily e-books these days. People at conventions love to buy books that they can get signed (although if they bought more of mine I wouldn’t complain *grin*). However, it’s much harder to “sell” an e-book at a show unless I were to call up a web site for them and then wait for them to pay for it and download it at my table (like that would happen.) Book purchases, comic purchases, toy purchases, etc. at conventions tend to be impulse buys. E-purchases are more deliberate, so I’m thinking having a hand-out with my books, their ISBNs and prices may help interested people remember who they were talking to about what after the show’s over.

I meet a lot of people who I talk to at shows and they “say” they’ll be sure to order my book when they get home. However my sales show that’s not really happening. So, I’m going to be charitable and assume they don’t remember specific details considering how many people they meet at a show. The hand-outs should help that part. Those who are just saying “I’ll buy it later” and don’t mean it, well, that’s just a part of being an author. *sigh* I’d rather they just say, “not really interested” than “I’ll buy it later” and then disappear. Yeah, I know they’re trying to be polite, but I appreciate honesty a tad bit more.

I also put more time in on Murder in Monaco tonight. I spent the evening writing about a car chase down a winding Alpine road and hopefully the editor will enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed plotting it out. I wound up with another 2,244 words tonight, which makes it a pretty good evening.

Tomorrow night is packing night. Always the fun time of “where the heck did I put that thing and where is . . . and who put X over here?”

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