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Hot Jazz and Dangerous Situations

A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT IS COMING SOON FROM PRO SE PRODUCTIONS! A Singular Project with many tales and adventures that will feature 37 different creators! And to promote that announcement (coming within the next 7-14 days), Pro Se Productions will be giving way a digital ebook a day featuring one or more of the writers involved in this latest and possibly greatest Pro Se Project ever….

To kick it off, get your copy of CHARLES BOECKMAN PRESENTS: JOHNNY NICKLE for free today! Authors Richard White and Brad Mengel try out their jazz legs with this classic Pulp character, nominated for Best Pulp Revival for the 2014 New Pulp Awards, brought to life in new adventures and mysteries! Enjoy it for free for 24 hours! Use this Code – DG58J at! This collection features Mengel’s New Pulp Award nominated story as well as New Pulp Award nominated cover art by Adam Shaw! All that and it’s free for 24 hours! Pick this up and get ready for White and Mengel have coming in the future!

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