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Took a little time this week to relax and get organized. Tuesday evening I spent doing my college homework, Wednesday I attended my African Literature seminar where we finished our discussion on Mission to Kala by Beti and then reviewed two stories by Tutuola – The Palm Wine Drinkard and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

Tutuola’s stories were true fantasies. It’s as if he took a ton of campfire stories, mixed in the Yorba religion, and then invented enough of his own to tie them all together in a coherent story and then sent them out into the world. I think My Life in the Bush of Ghosts would make a great movie—surreal, without a doubt, but it would rank up there with Lovecraft or Carrol for things not making sense, but making perfect sense in the whole.

(And if that’s not clear, I can only recommend you reading the books to see for yourselves.)

Thursday and Friday I did more research for Troubleshooters Incorporated as well as writing on Murder in Monaco.

Saturday, I decided to spend some time with my family and we went into Ellicott City, MD and hung out at the antique stores and other shops down on Main Street. I ran in to some old friends down there. In one of the “junk” shops, I found four books I had had as a kid, but my parents got rid of them while I was in the Army by mistake. They thought I didn’t want them any more, but they were fragile, so I was hoping not to move them until the Army quite moving me every couple of years.

So, I can now say I am the proud owner (again) of The Indian Mummy Mystery, The Forest Fire Mystery, The Mystery of Rustler’s Fort, and Sand Dune Pony, by Troy Nesbit, in their original Whitman glory. Sure, they cost a bit more this time than the 99 cents I paid for the originals, but it was worth it to find these again, especially in the condition they were in.

Also, Saturday night to help get me back into the mood to write, I tossed an old favorite into the computer to help me unwind. I decided it was time to go back to Ferelden and take on the blight in Dragon Age: Origins.

When I finally wrapped up for the evening (after starting at 1930 (or 7:30pm for you non -military types)), I remembered why I have to try and limit my playing – there’s something about going to bed at 0400 to remind one how old they are and how much their knees object to sitting still that long.

Still, I told myself it was to warm myself up for writing, so I resisted the urge to finish one more quest today and pulled out Flashpoint to work on. I added another 2,577 words to this short story today.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work on Murder in Monaco. Deadlines wait for no man. *sigh*

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