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A Very Busy Sunday

While there wasn’t a lot of writing done on Sunday, there was movement on other fronts.

a) Talked to a friend about helping with additional edits to a non-fiction piece I’ve done and helping me put it together so I could have something to actually sell at these conventions I’m attending this year. 90% of the writing I’ve done the past three years has all been e-books, which are a fine medium for writing, but it’s tough to sell an e-book at a convention. Paper certainly sells better than electrons at a signing table.

b) Talked to a publisher about doing a new short-story series (after I complete the still outstanding stories I owe everyone else). Then talked to a friend who’s a military historian to help me get as much of my data as accurate as possible for the time period.

c) Talked to another publisher about a possible comic series with them. Also initiated talks with an artist to do either the comic or some of the covers for it. More to follow.

d) Finished plotting out the rest of Murder in Monaco. This time, I decided to start with the ending and then work backward to reach where I was in the story. I explored a few rabbit trails, but I think I’ve got a good solid way to end the story now and make everything make sense.

e) spent time with friends who came up to celebrate my wife’s birthday weekend and had a very nice dinner with them.

f) received the first round edits for Skin the Cat. I’ll work on them as soon as I get my homework that’s due Wednesday finished.

g) updated my Goodreads profile to be sure to list all of my books. Now, to contact the librarians to remove a book that’s not mine from the same list.

g) officially recovered from melting my brain yesterday at the Master’s Comprehensive Test. As one of my friends said this evening, I was suffering from “vuja de” – the illusion that you’ve never seen any of this stuff before – when I saw the questions in the comprehensives’ envelope.

So, now, it’s time to go to bed and try and convince my body it’s an hour later than it thinks it is.

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