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February Recap

It was a pretty productive February, even if it did pale somewhat by the mad dash in January.

Reviewing my earlier blogs, I hit about 28,000 words written during February, which works out to be a healthy average. That’s not counting the five or six thousand words I wrote for school either, so I’m still being productive—at this point, grade point average is equal to royalties. Once I finish the thesis, then I can concentrate full time on writing just for me.  Also, there was a lot of writing that didn’t get counted above because I was doing a lot of editing and revising based on editorial feedback on projects I’d either submitted or feedback from beta readers who try to save me from myself before I submit to the editors. *grin*

February saw me finish my novel On Wings of Steel and submit it to my editor at Musa Publishing. I also finished Wings of Fire for my collection editor for Musa as well as submitting The Daimyo’s Sake for possible publication in a middle-grade magazine.

I also made progress on two novellas I’m working on—The Pearls of Darkness Affair and Murder in Monaco, both of them for Pro Se Productions.

Had a good deal of fun going to both Farpoint and MystiCon. While they did chew into some of my writing time, it was good to get a chance to hang around with Science Fiction and Fantasy fans and other professionals to swap ideas and anecdotes about this wild ride we call a writing career.

And now, will March end like a roaring lion as I push on through or will it end as a meek lamb with me slacking off and enjoying life? Is there a middle road? Would I take it if I could?

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