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Comps and Robbers

Survived the practice graduation comprehensives I took this morning at Bowie State. I was a little concerned because I got a late start and had to jump in mid-session. Still, I got some good feedback from the graduate advisor and will probably knock out another essay between now and Tuesday evening to have her review for me. I’m not 100% comfortable with the comps since they can throw a bunch of stuff at me from any class I’ve taken the past three years, but I’m about as ready as I’m going to get.

Spent the afternoon putzing around with my wife and daughter, doing a little shopping and a lot of window shopping (yes, there is a difference). While she was busy in “The Hands of Time” shopping for spare clock parts she could use to design steampunk jewelery, I spent some time at a table typing away on a new section of The Pearls of Darkness Affair, the second story for my Chasing Danger duology coming out this November from Pro Se Press.

Then I split this evening spending time with my eldest cat who decided he wanted to be with me while I was working downstairs and finishing the edits to Skin the Cat, the penultimate story for my For a Few Gold Pieces More collection. Cat, which features my favorite rogue who meets a young woman who is close to his equal in both thief skills and snarkery,  is either a very long short story or a short novella (currently around 16,000 words). After doing the paper edits, I have red lines going every which way and arrows and scratch outs and new words and . . .

Well, let’s just say, while this version follows the same plot of the old one, I think it feels much more put together now.

So, tomorrow, we start typing. And doing more college stuff. Can’t forget that.

*sigh* I either need longer days or a fountain of youth so I can go back to when I could survive for days on end on about four hours of sleep.

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