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Richard C. White

Slow, but Productive, Night

Been a slow evening, but I did get some things accomplished. Did the line edits for Wings of Fire and got that returned to the editor. It’s should be going into final layout now.

Also, I updated my resume and sent it and my latest author’s picture to Shore Leave’s guest coordinator. It may take a few days, but I’ll be appearing on their web site eventually. Also conversed with one of the MystiCon people. He followed my Twitter back to here and the reading didn’t go like I thought it would and asked what they could do to make it better. The main thing I can say to improve my experience would be to get real lighting into the room for those reading after sunset.

Also I finished Mission to Kala by Mongo Beti for my African Literature course at Bowie State. He had me up through the first three sections of the book. However, the last section was so horrifically anti-climactic (to me, YMMV). Still, I suspect writing up my two page report on this book will not take as long as the other two did.

Tonight was primarily maintenance mode. Tomorrow, it’s back to work on Murder in Monaco, while I’m waiting on my edits for On Wings of Fire.

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