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MystiCon Wrap-up and Thoughts

And the third and final day of MystiCon is in the books. I had a nice breakfast with April MacDicken while Mark was getting ready for his Steampunk Costuming panel, then made it to the Social World Building panel and the “Tooting Your Own Horn” (aka, how to use social media responsibly without annoying everyone who knows you) panel.

The Social World Building panel was a nice continuation of the Word Building workshop Ashley Chappell and I had done on Friday evening and if we do this again at another con (MystiCon or otherwise), I may incorporate a few of their points. Also, if we do the panel again at MystiCon, I may ask them for 1.5 hours to be sure we have enough time to do Q&A. I think I was still answering questions today from people who were there on Friday.

Then after meeting the MacDicken clan for lunch before they headed home, I made it to my “Opposition in All Things” panel. And, while it was primarily about creating challenges for our characters and discussing rising and falling tension and how subplots can help raise tension and build the character into a more rounded person in the reader’s eyes, we also talked about tension/conflict as in “writing stories in general”, the “writer/publisher/marketing department tension”, the “characters are not doing what I, the author, want them to do”, and so on.

In other words, the last panels of a con tend to meander at times.

Then I caught up with a couple of people who I had only seen in passing earlier in the con, said my goodbyes and hit the road.

Outside of dodging way too many 18 wheelers and getting caught in a mystery traffic jam on I-66 trying to get to the Beltway, the trip was pretty uneventful.

For my first time attending MystiCon, I have to say I was pretty happy with everything. Were there a few things I might have done differently if I were running the con. Possibly. Did the hotel staff try to make corrections when we ran into issues? Definitely and I tip my cap to the staff at the Holiday Inn- Tanglewood for their support (although the elevator nearest my room breaking down at 11PM last night didn’t help pack out this morning, but that was the most inconvenienced I was all weekend, so they’re definitely in the plus column. The guests were fun to hang around with and the dealer’s room had some cool stuff in it. All in all, a good solid B+ for my first MystiCon and I’d not only recommend it, but I’ll probably see if they’ll have me back next year.

So, now, it’s time to wrap things up, go to bed, and deal with work in the morning. *yay!*

(Note: there may be some amount of sarcasm in that last phrase. Please use caution.)

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