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MystiCon – Day Two wrap-up

The second day of MystiCon was a little different from the first. It was still fun but my panels felt a bit off. Probably my personal perception vice reality, but there were still good things, so I don’t want to sound like I’m just grousing.

The first panel was on Writing Military SF. Our moderator did not show, so the panelists decided I should moderate since I was sitting in the middle. Yikes! Normally when I moderate a panel, I try to have prepared questions and have a rough idea how long we’re going to dwell on various topic. Since I was making up the questions off of the top of my head, I felt somewhat uncomfortable about whether we were giving the audience what they were looking for. However, I did get some good feedback, so that was good.

The panel on Creating Memorable Characters was a lot better. Our moderator, Alan Wold, did a great job of ensuring everyone got to talk and he riffed off of our answers to form his next ones, as well as having questions in mind before we started. This was a well attended panel also, so I think we did OK.

The final panel was regarding military training for fight battles, past, present, and future. Again, being the moderator defaulted to being me. However, this was probably the least successful panel of the day. One panelist got called away to help the EMTs, another panelist wasn’t feeling well, so that basically left two of us to try and carry a very vague topic. We got some good questions from the audience, but I’m not sure that particular panel should be on the program again next year, at least not without some fine tuning.

On the good side, I had a ball sitting in the Gallefrey Pirate Radio podcast, led by Davey Beauchamp, The Baen Podcast/Preview panel was very informative, and the panel on using mythology in writing fantasy, science fiction, or horror was well done. Also, the SF Match Game was hilarious. Plus, I attended a scotch tasting hosted by Baen that evening, and that is *always* a pleasant thing. Huzzah for the people who put that together.

I have one panel today at 2:00PM on “Opposition in All Things” – about creating conflict in your story and is there such a thing as too much conflict. That could be a very entertaining panel.

And now, time to go grab some breakfast with my friends and start prepping to check out of the hotel.

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