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MystiCon - Day One Wrap-up

The first day of MystiCon is in the books. Ashley Chappell and I  had a great turnout for our World Building Workshop. We could have had another hour and we still would have only touched on the material available for us to cover. The audience had good questions, albeit not a lot of time to ask them, so we moved the panel out into the hall for those who wanted to hang around to talk.

I had more people at my reading than I anticipated, and I think things went well. However, there were no lights in the room. Apparently when they rearranged it for seating, the floor and desk lamps were taken out. Well, needless to say, since my reading was at 6pm, the room was getting dark. Luckily, I had put all my reading material on my Nook tablet ahead of time, so I could read from the backlit screen. One of the attendees pointed out it looked like a real fireside ghost story because the Nook was bottom-lighting my face. *grin* I read parts of two short stories—”The Price of Conviction” from Doctor Who Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership and The Demon’s Head.

The signing went about as well as I could have hoped being my first time here. They really don’t have the signing area well designated, which is unfortunate. However, I still sold a few things and spent a lot of time talking with people who’d either been at the World Building panel or saw my (Hulk/Star Trek) books and wanted to talk about writing.

Had a great dinner with the MacDicken family. We hit Ben Gui Sushi and did some serious damage there. *grin* Then I hung out in the bar afterward with Ashley and her fiance and a couple of other authors. All in all, a very nice day.

Tomorrow, I have three panels:

1:00PM – Military Science Fiction: Getting it Right – Ballroom D

7:00PM – Constructing a Memorable Character – Boardroom 1

8:00PM – Boot Camp: Past, Present, and Future – Dogwood 2

I think it’s going to be a pretty fun day tomorrow. Heck, I may get to actually use some of the things I picked up in the 15 years I spent in the military. *grin*

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