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Reading and Writing

Celebrated finishing On Wings of Steel by doing my college homework tonight. Reread parts of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe and then watched an interview with him, as well as him doing a reading from the book. Also watched another professor discussing Achebe’s critique of Heart of Darkness. Tomorrow I’ll get started reading Mission to Kala by Mongo Beti.  Also ordered the rest of the books I need for class tonight. They’ll be coming in over the next few days.

Normally, I’d take a few days off after finishing a novel, but no rest for the weary. So, I plan on finishing the line edits on Wings of Fire before Mysticon this weekend. Then I’ll be doing the final revisions on Skin the Cat to send off to my editor and then working on Murder in Monaco and The Pearls of Darkness Affair—I’m about half done with both of these at this point. Then it’ll be time to jump on Fool’s Cup, which will be the last of the For a Few Gold Pieces More collection for Musa Publishing.

Plus, there may be a couple of other short stories that may be coming down the road.

AND when I’m done with those . . . I need to get back to work on Childhood’s Tears and Steel on Target.

Nothing serious. *grin*

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