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Conventions and Completion

It has been an interesting weekend here at the ol’ hacienda. First of all, my daughter apparently caught a bug that she was more than happy to share with her mom. So far, I’ve managed to avoid the worst of it, but I’m not at 100% or I might have posted this last night.

Saturday and Sunday I was at Farpoint 2014, one of the many SF/F conventions we have here in the Baltimore area. It used to be a fairly heavy Star Trek focused convention, but lately it’s been more open to general SF/F and media. I only had one panel on Sunday (Writing Historical Fiction with Howard Weinstein and Steven H. Wilson) and while we didn’t have the crowd we had hoped for, we had an enthusiastic crowd and I hope we were able to give the attendees some assistance in writing their own stories. I did attend a good panel on “Writing Humor” and there was a memorial for Ann Crispin at the show on Saturday that I attended. I caught up with a ton of people at the show and over all had a ball.

Next weekend is Mysticon 2014, down in Roanoake, VA. This will be the first con I’ve attended where I actually stayed in a hotel for the show in years. I’ve got four or five panels, a reading and a book signing scheduled there. More later this week.

But the big news of the weekend is that On Wings of Steel is off to my editor. No more revisions, no more last minute changes, no more nothing. The revised edition came in just under 102,000 words. Again, I suspect there will be some trimming once the editor gets out the red pen, but that’s typical and I’m perfectly fine with that.

But, the important thing is it’s not hanging over my head any more. I can actually start working on these other projects without feeling guilty that I hadn’t gotten OWOS done.

Of course, tonight, I need to finish all the reading I haven’t done for class tomorrow night, but that was pretty much a given. *sigh*

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