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In the Beginning . . .

Remember when I said I was done with the revisions for On Wings of Steel.

I may have been a little premature there. *sigh*

It’s the joys and the frustrations of working in a shared-universe. You’re always at the mercy of whoever has written in the world ahead of you. If they establish something about the same people/place/thing you’re writing about , well, because they were published first, now their work takes precedence.

<— having Starfleet Corps of Engineer flashbacks.

Ah, the joys of playing in a shared world.

The changes to the story bible aren’t dramatic, but small things now have to be adjusted. For example. I had a certain building in X part of Southwatch, but the other author has it in Y. That means either I have to write something into my novel explaining why they’re not in the building already established OR I have to go through my novel and ensure I adjust things to the new reality. In this case, I like the idea the first author came up with, so even though it’s more work, I’m adjusting my story to match theirs.

I suspect these things won’t happen as often once we have a larger body of work in The Darkside Codex, but the first few books will probably have this whiplash effect on editing until certain items not addressed in the initial story bible get fleshed out.

Yesterday, I wrote up some suggested back cover copy for Wings of Fire and today I got the revised copy back from my editor. Most of what I suggested managed to sneak through. I may not be the best person in the world to write a blurb, I sure have fun doing it, once I get going. The first draft or two usually lack something, because I’m warring between how much to tell someone without spoiling the whole story and how much to tell them to pique their interest.

That, and my blurbs tend to be rather snarky because the main character is snarky and he’s the one who’s speaking in the blurb.

That’s the fun part.

Also, between Wednesday and today, I started working on Murder in Monaco again for another project I’m doing for Pro-Se Productions. That’s my new project, along with finishing the Line Edits for Wings of Fire and the first edits on Skin the Cat.

Busy writer is busy. *grin*

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