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Had a good class tonight in African Literature. We’re studying Sundiata, the story from Mali that the Lion King was based on. Even though Sundiata is dealing with a human who’s denied his birthright versus being chased into the brush by a band of hyenas, there’s no questioning the parallels in the story.

I’ll be finishing that book and starting Things Fall Apart this weekend. We’re going to be covering a wide swath of African literature, beginning with pre-colonial, then moving into colonial, and eventually post-colonial novels.

I have my schedule for Farpoint 2014. I’m doing “Writing Historical Fiction” with Howard Weinstein on Sunday, Feb 16, from 12-2. Yes, we’re getting a two-hour slot and if we have a good crowd like we had at Shore Leave last summer, that’ll just barely cover it. If you’re going to be at Farpoint, please stop by. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Once I came home from college, I decided to jump back in to revising On Wings of Steel. I was right, the chapter I’d been working on last night reads a lot better and then when I started on the pentultimate chapter, I realized I was being too nice to my protagonist. I won’t give away what exactly happened, but I can say, I’ve never done that to a character before. *cue ominous music here.)

So, counting the edits and almost completely rewriting the first half of this next chapter, I added 2,711 words to the novel. We’re sitting at 90,988 with one and a half chapters to finish revising/rewriting. I’m suspecting I’ll be under 100K when I finish (and probably quite a bit less once my editor gets done chopping this as editors are wont to.)

And now, time for bed.

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