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Author 1, College Computer 0

It was an interesting day.

I left work early today to deal with the situation at college. As soon as I walked into the financial aid office, the lady looked at me and said, “You got an email last night, didn’t you?” I nodded and she said, “We’ve been dealing with that all day. The computer dis-enrolled a ton of people last night. We sent out an email, but I guess you left for work before you got it.” Well, I was relieved, but she ran my student ID number anyway and verified I was good to go.

Since I’d already burned a couple of hours of leave to come to the college, I dropped in on my thesis adviser and discuss a few ideas for my paper and who might be on my thesis committee. As usual, there’s too many ideas in my head at the moment and too many ways this thesis could go. We discussed ways to narrow down my topic, after all, there’s only eighty pages to fill. *grin*

I came home and after enjoying a dinner with my family, I reviewed the editorial comments for The Gryphon’s Tale and spent some time on revisions before sending it back to my editor. I really enjoyed writing this tale since it’s set in my Shadowhaven world.

Yeah, I do have a soft spot for that old project.

I did spend some time working on On Wings of Steel also. However, I’m reworking a big chunk of this chapter. I wasn’t happy with the pacing, so it was write, erase, cut, paste, rewrite, re-edit and so on. Still added 1,074 words and I think the chapter as a whole is stronger from the work.

Class tomorrow night and then hopefully some more writing after I get home.

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