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Well, outside of the stupidity I’m going to have to deal with at the college tomorrow*, (rassenfrassen financial office can’t talk to the registration office apparently), it’s been a pretty good day.

The huge snowstorm everyone was predicting for this area seems like it missed us by about twenty miles, so I only have a few hours to make up due to a delayed opening. Considering all the hours I had to make up in January, this is “a good thing.”

First thing I did this evening was open up the editorial comments on Wings of Fire and address them. I made the required revisions and then worked on a section I wasn’t happy with. I’m hoping the editor will agree with these small changes. They don’t change the facts, but they do change the pacing.

Then I received an e-mail from the editor responsible for the “Monsters” anthology at Origins Game Fair. She enjoyed The Gryphon’s Tale and only had a few revisions she’d like to see. I looked them over and agree with her that they do tighten up a few things. A couple of them I probably should have caught before I submitted them, but given the short suspense, there really wasn’t a cooling off period on this one.

Then, tonight, I set up e.ggtimer. com for 30 minute pulls and worked on two stories. The first one I worked on was On Wings of Fire and between rewriting and additions, I revised 1,733 words. I’m leaving my Angels in the middle of a firefight with pirates, but there’s always tomorrow night. (And considering I have to deal with the college tomorrow, I may be more in the mood for laying waste and pillaging then.)

The other thirty minute periods were set aside for a new short story I want to submit to a magazine. The first draft of The Daiymo’s Sake is done at 2,892 words. That’s a bit over the 2,500 word limit, (What? Me write long? Go figure.), but I”m certain I can edit it down to size by the 31 Mar deadline.

I’ve never written an entire short story in one day before. This is an odd thing, especially considering the time spent looking up 1600 A.D. Japanese provinces, names, rulers, etc.. I can’t help it though – it’s the medieval historian in me.

So, the score for the day is 4,625 new words, one story sent to the editor, one to get ready for an editor, and one ready to begin first revisions.

<insert Snoopy dance here>


(* – an earlier post from my Facebook page to explain the first paragraph of this post)

I love bureaucracies . . .

Oh wait, no I don’t.

I just got an email stating I’d been dropped from my college classes for non-payment.

(Stares at the receipt for this semester from the college financial office.)

So, now, I get to go to the college to argue how they could possibly have cashed the cashier’s check I gave them back in mid-January and then turn around and tell me I didn’t pay for this semester and then get re-enrolled (AT THE COLLEGE’S EXPENSE – I’m not paying $50 because they can’t do basic bookkeeping).

Oh, and I’m going to have to miss about half a day’s work to do this.

And they wonder why more people don’t go postal . . . *rassenfrassen sassenfrassen rassenfratz*


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