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Rest, Recharge, & Write

It’s been an interesting weekend. I was basically burnt out by Friday evening. Between working on my novel On Wings of Steel and making up time at work and getting ready for college, I was just NOT in the mood to write and I knew if I did, it would basically be crap.

So, I decided it was time for a recharge. I took Friday and Saturday off to do nothing but knock back and read. Along with catching up on some short stories I’d been meaning to read, answering some overdue emails, and then reading Evil Inc. from start to finish. Evil, Inc. is a great strip and again I’m highly jealous about how good the author is.

Still, today, I felt better and after doing some family oriented stuff, like taking the car to get its oil changed and other assorted running around, I set out to get some writing done. While it wasn’t quite as productive as last Sunday, I still knocked out 3,006 words. I’m hoping to really make some progress tomorrow as well as finishing the reading for class Wednesday night.

And now, here’s hoping the snow continues passing just to the north of us, so I can make it in to work tomorrow.

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