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A Cup of Tea, a Keyboard, and an Idea . . .

Short night this evening since I have to get up two hours earlier than usual to get to work tomorrow morning.

Still it was a very useful day. The Gryphon’s Tale has been edited, re-edited and is now en route to the editor of the Origins Library Anthology. So scratch one more project off of my list to do.

I added another 1500+ words to On Wings of Steel this evening also. I’m not real comfortable with the next scene in this chapter. It’s either going to simply have to come out of the story because it feels a bit flat or else I’m going to have to figure out how to punch this thing up. Remember when I said I as leaving some leeway with this story because I might run into issues. This can be considered an issue.

But I’ll give it some thought tomorrow when I have a clear head.

Oh, and regarding that story I wanted to submit for Spellbound magazine—I finally figured out the story I want to do. I’m going to outline it tomorrow and get ready to run on it as soon as I get some spare time.

*hah, spare time. I crack myself up.*

So, count for today, one short story submitted, one short story plotted, and one novel worked on. All things considered that equals a pretty good day.

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