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Writing, editing . . . & panic

Working on the edits to Wings of Fire this afternoon. I’ll be working on On Wings of Steel this evening. Tomorrow, I plan on doing the edits to The Gryphon’s Tale and then back onto On Wings of Steel and plotting out another new story.

Who says hanging around the house on a weekend is boring?


In other news, I received an acceptance letter today to present at the the College English Association-Middle Atlantic Group at Montgomery College, Germantown MD on 8 March 2014.

I’m honored to be accepted at a Master’s candidate in English.

However, there’s a small problem that I need to get rectified soon.

See, I didn’t submit a proposal. One of my professors apparently did.

So, I don’t know what paper I’m presenting, what the format for the presentation is (panel? Individual?), do I need a PowerPoint presentation or simply present my paper as is, and so on.

Plus, if I want my paper to be considered for a graduate award, it can’t be more than 3000 words but my final paper for this class was 6400+ words. How do I trim over half of it out and maintain the integrity of the paper by the 21st of Feb?

I love my professors sometimes . . .

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