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Plots, Plot Points, and Revisions

Just one chapter done this evening, but it was 5,573 words worth of editing for On Wings of Steel, so I don’t feel too bad, especially when there were entire paragraphs added, moved, and a new plot point added.

And speaking of that, while I was at work today, I sat down and started reviewing all the plots I have going through this novel (and yes, even though the protagonist doesn’t seem them all yet, she is in the middle of a huge web of intrigue). I started writing bullet lists for every major character to ensure I hadn’t missed anything . . .

And, voila, there was another scene (if not whole chapter) that appeared whole cloth in front of me amidst my notes. I realized it would make a couple of the things about the ending I wasn’t happy with make perfect sense. It was the foreshadowing I needed to make it all come together.

So, I’m not sure if I want to stop and work it in right now while I’m thinking about it, or continue pressing on until I reach the end of this set of edits and then go back and wedge it in. I’m leaning more toward the former—I think it’d reduce any other changes I’d have to make to the ending.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to take a status check while doing edits. It’s easier to ensure I didn’t miss anything in a short story, but multiple thousands of words do blur together after a while.

So, not as many words edited/written, but much accomplished today.

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