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Angels, Gryphons, and Cats . . . oh my!

Back home from New York City. Between the train ride home on Sunday and a writing/editing session this evening, I’ve edited/deleted/revised/added 13,240 words over the past two days.

On Wings of Steel is starting to shape up to be the story I had envisioned when I started on this project. The Angels of Steel are developing into quite a formidable group of young ladies beyond their death-defying habit of flying around a steampunk city powered only by their own mechanical wings.

I need to get A Gryphon’s Tale into final edits so I can get it off to the people at Origins. I also need to go over the first set of editorial comments on Wings of Fire and I still need to put Skin the Cat through it’s final edits before I send it off to the editor for the real edits.

Then I have to finish writing The Pearls of Darkness Affair, Murder in Monaco, two other unannounced projects, and two more comic scripts to start shopping around.

But, progress is progress, and on a good note (and a good weekend’s worth of work), I’m going to call it a night.

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