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Twin projects going on today. My major plans for the day had me going to the J. Pierpont Morgan library and museum to visit “Edgar Allen Poe: Terror of the Soul” exhibit. Since I’m doing my master’s thesis about Poe – specifically doing a historical review of literary critique of Poe through the years – it seemed like a great chance to see some original documentation.

Well, I got to see some, some I’m going to have to come back and view when the documents go back into the reading rooms instead of being under glass, and some pointed me toward other documents I’ll need to find another time and place.

So, while not everything I was hoping for, it’s certainly not a wasted trip.

On the writing front, I got a rejection today from a project I’d pitched over a year ago. It would have been a media tie-in project, writing for a gaming company. It would have been a lot of fun, but I failed to knock the editors socks off, so bad on me. We’ll keep that in mind and maybe reapply a few years from now after I have some new works under my belt.

On a different front, we contacted a publisher about a completely different project that would probably start much later this year. Just trying to line up a few things for after all my other projects get finished. (Yeah, like I need more work, right?)

And, now, I just finished with tonight’s push on “On Wings of Steel”, adding 2,963 words. Since I won’t be going to the library tomorrow, I suspect I’ll be able to add significantly more on Saturday. I may still do something, (after all, I AM in NYC this weekend, it’s not like there’s nothing to do here), but writing should fit in there somewhere.

So, much writing and rejections and research. Not a bad day when taken as a whole.

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