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Full Steam Ahead

I won’t say I’m trying to get serious about getting On Wings of Fire done, but I woke up at 0700 to get started on the rewrite. For people who know me, they know I do my best not to wake up early on the weekends (sort of my anti-military training kicking in). However, it was something that’s been weighing on my mind for a while, so I battened down the hatches and got to work.

I worked on the story from 0700 until 1400 this afternoon. I then decided discretion was the better form of valor and took a break so see family and friends. Watched a fun movie (The Great Race – Jack Lemon, Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood) before starting up again at 2200 and going until now 2354.

Total words accomplished toward the re-write? 13,676. Approximately 1/5th done with the revisions. Now, unfortunately, I can’t devote nine hours to this tomorrow, but I’m hoping I can get a good three or four (along with laundry).

Admittedly, rewriting/editing/revising is easier than trying to create in your head and type at the same time, but given my massive 50wpm typing skills, I think 13K+ for a Sunday is a damn good start.

And now, off to bed.

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