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Gryphons and Memories

All right, and at 4828, the first draft of A Gryphon’s Tale is done.

It’s the first time I’ve ventured back into Shadowhaven since the option on it out in Hollywood ran out back in 1996. Still it was too good an idea to let die.

Shadowhaven was a shared-world comic anthology I dreamed up back on the old days of Compuserve and we had a ton of comic professionals involved in the process. We were planning on six 48-page books, and I was busy teaming artists and writers up, organizing who was going to be in what issue, arranging for cover artists and so on.

But, unfortunately, even with some serious 1990s heavyweights on board, we couldn’t get a publisher to pick us up. We came close . . . oh, so close. I met with editors at the Capitol City retailers convention and one of them fell in love with the project and was ready to jump on it but his Editor-in-Chief shot down the entire deal with a pithy statement – “We already lose money on X (one of their own anthologies), why do we want another anthology to lose money on?”


People have asked why I didn’t just self-publish this? Mainly because of the quality of the comic professionals involved. I knew I couldn’t pay DC or Marvel rates, but I wanted to offer them real money for their work. So, I needed a publisher who could afford to pay a page rater and had real distribution. Unfortunately, after a year of getting nowhere, I had to release everyone and as happens, people moved on, passed away, and so forth.

Still, I’ve had the basic outline and the story bible here on my computer. I’ve been considering doing something—a comic, a novel, etc.—and when an opportunity arrived where I needed to submit a short story with a very short time turnaround, it seemed only natural to pull one of the stories out of my files and develop it.

I’ll let the story sit a day or so and then finish the edits and get it off to the editor waiting for it. Maybe this will be the only time I visit Shadowhaven, but somehow, I don’t think so.

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