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Busy day today. Finished the initial edits on Wings of Fire (For a Few Gold Pieces More #8) and sent that off to my editor at Musa for her to give it the old “red pen” treatment. I’m looking forward to getting that one through the editing process and out the door here soonest.

I’ll be jumping into the edits on Skin the Cat (FaFGPM #9) in the next day or so and try to get that out to her also sooner than later. Once that’s out the door, all I have left is to write Fool’s Cup and the For a Few Gold Pieces More collection will be complete. It’s been fun and I may revisit this character one of these days, but in some ways, it’ll be fun to move on to another character and get to know them better.

It wasn’t just an editing day today. I started a new short story, “A Gryphon’s Tale”, along with continuing to work on my steampunk novel, “On Wings of Steel”. Between the two, I added 2100 words to my word count today.

So, currently I have one story at the editor, one getting ready for the editor, two shorts about half written, a novel 3/4ths written and a novella 2/3rd written. Considering the back log I started this holiday season with, I think I’m making good progress.

Of course, that’s not looking at the 2014 stories I’m already committed to. *sigh*


Also, I just received my invitation to Origins 2014 yesterday morning. So I’ll be packing up for a trip to Columbus, OH for 11-15 June 2014. I’ve been wanting to attend one of these conventions in forever — plus the fact that it will give me a chance to maybe make some contacts in the gaming industry and maybe get the opportunity to do some spot writing for a company or two?


I’ll be at the Author’s showcase at Origins, with a table in the Library section, so please stop by if you’re there.

Hmm, guess it’ll be time to invade the Laughing Ogre in Columbus again. Someone warn Gib. *grin*

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