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Cats, Wings and Snarks.

I’ve been scrambling to get Skin the Cat done so I can start editing this down to a manageable size. I may not have posted in the last couple of days, but work has continued. So, the word count for the past three days comes out to 7,493 and we have hit the end of the now novella-sized short story. (19,594 words is a bit wordy for a short story, I think.)

I’m not 100% satisfied with the last sentence of the story, but rather than continue to play with it tonight, I think going to sleep and looking at it with fresh eyes tomorrow is the way to go. After all, I suspect there’s a number of places where this story may flourish with some judicious editing.

Also, tomorrow evening, it’s back to full-time writing on On Wings of Steel. I’ve been making some progress on it also, but I really need to start tying it up and making some strategic edits to it.

Also, I’m toying with a new Military SF short story at work. I’ll see how it shapes up tomorrow – the place I’d like to submit it has a deadline of 14 Jan, which is pushing it. Still, it’s shaping up to be a fun story, so I may be able to hammer it out at around 5K and get it off by the deadline. I managed to get 1750 words done on it today, bringing me to about the 1/3 mark. For once, I don’t know the title for the story yet, but I’m toying with Snark Hunting.

That brings the total from Friday to today to 9,243. Not bad, but not great either. These holidays in the middle of the week just screw up my rhythm at work and here at the ol’ writing hacienda.

So, onward and upward. One of these days I’ll actually catch up and swear I’ll never let myself get this far behind again.

Yeah, right. *grin*

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