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Pushing forward . . .

I really wasn’t feeling up to writing today. I’m not sure if I was trying to fight off a bug or if I was just a little burnt out today. It took a bit to get motivated after I got home from work, but once I finally sat down and started writing, it was well worth the effort. I added 2020 words to On Wings of Fire and 1150 words to Skin the Cat. That brings today’s total to 3170, which is not a bad day’s work.

I am looking forward to getting these assignments done. Not only because I’m behind schedule, *yikes*, but I’m really wanting to dive into my “to be read pile” of books. I’ve been so busy reading college texts and such that I haven’t had time to really just read for fun and I think I owe myself some serious reading sessions in the near future. Especially before I immerse myself in my thesis work, which will certainly require a lot of reading.

So, as soon as I clear some time on my schedule, it will be X time reading, Y time writing in the evenings for a while. Plus, as soon as it warms up this spring, it’ll be time to move the writing desk back out onto the porch, where I can read and write in the evening air

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