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December Writer Walkabout

It was a fun day today. I did a writer’s walkabout. After spending the morning having a nice time with the family, I packed up the computer and hit the road to work on Skin the Cat.

I started out at a Mexican restaurant in Ellicott City, La Palapa, where I had a very enjoyable lunch as well as knocking out about 1500 words. The staff was very accommodating to my desire to eat and work on my story and got me a table off by itself so I could work without disturbing their lunch traffic. Thanks!

Lunch at La Palapa_Ellicott City

Visual Proof of the well-fed author

After that, I hit the local Barnes and Noble where I added another 1500 words. I probably should have gotten more writing done there, but I admit, I was a little sleepy after all that food at lunch.

After coming home and enjoying a couple of movies, (Jason and the Argonauts and The Petrified Forest), I picked up the story again and added another 1000 words for a total of 4011 words. Makes me wonder what I could accomplish if I could type faster. I’m starting to get a little fuzzy, so I figure here’s a good place to stop.

I’ll try to get more writing done before and after the Chiefs game tomorrow.

Total for the week: 21525 words. Now I have a goal to beat for next week.

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