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Recharging the batteries

Slow night this evening. Decided to relax a bit and then hit the work hard tomorrow.  I knew it was going to be a bit of a struggle when I sat down and for a while nothing came to mind. It’s not writer’s block as much as writer’s burn. So, tonight, I did some research, played an on-line game for a bit, visited with the family, visited with the cats, and in general just relaxed.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll probably slip out of the house for a bit and visit one of my writing hang-outs. Drink coffee, eat bagels, and write without distractions. That’s usually conducive to getting mass amount of words on pages.

I know, I hear people going, “How can you write out in public? The noise would drive me nuts.” While a valid issue, I have learned how to tune out 90% of the background noise when I am writing at a B&N, or Bagels & Grinds, or Riverside Coffee or wherever I seem to wind up. How can I do that?

It’s simple.

90% of the noise is not something I have to deal with. If there’s an odd noise at home, odds are my cats have gotten into something they shouldn’t have, the dehumidifier is beeping to be dumped, the phone is ringing for one of us, and so on. If there’s noise at one of these stores, unless it’s my phone or a waiter asking if I need a refill of coffee, all the ambient noises are the store’s responsibility to deal with. To me, it’s all white noise.

Still, it wasn’t a completely unproductive day. I added 1200+ words to On Wings of Steel. Looking forward to writing this next scene. It’ll be challenging, writing about a fight/flight scene in pitch blackness while dodging around buildings, walkways and the occasional gargoyle. (Animated or stone? Haven’t decided yet.)

It was nice to have a relaxing day. Now, the big push toward the end of the year. Huzzah!

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