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“Comfort Level Zero”

That was an interesting passage I just wrote for Skin the Cat. As I mentioned a few blog posts ago,  Cat is a variant of the Cinderella story. However, it’s not the evil stepmother that Cat has to worry about.

Plus, given the fact I’m turning a few of these folktales on their heads, I wasn’t really comfortable writing this self-assured woman and then having her goal being to get married so she could be protected. I’ve set her up as a confident, talented woman who can hang toe to toe with my protagonist. To have her meekly find a husband to protect her seemed worse than anti-climatic.

However, the protagonist has just made a promise that may be beyond his ability to fulfill. Well, he can ensure it comes true, but it’s not an option he wants to consider.

Final tally for tonight’s writing was 2186, bringing Skin the Cat to just shy of 7000 words. Hey, anything under 15000 words is a short story for me. *grin* I’m thinking this story should be done by this weekend.

*crosses fingers*

On a lighter note,  I added 250 more songs to my iTunes library tonight. And as usual, my tastes are as eclectic as always (Soundtracks – Das Letzte Einhorn, Pacific Rim, Frozen; the Phantom of the Opera original cast recording; Billy Joel Complete Hits Collection). That brings me up to just over 4,000 songs on my iTunes, not counting podcasts, Old Time Radio shows, and audio books.

It always weirds people out when they’re riding with me in the car and I’ve got my player on shuffle songs. They’ll get everything from AC/DC to Anime Soundtracks to Bach to Herbie Hancock to Lacuna Coil and about everything in-between.

Course, I blame part of my current music selections on a friend of mine, April MacDicken, who created one of the characters for my comic Chronicles of the Sea Dragon. We started working on a YA novel concept a few years ago, so I started listening to goth/darkwave/techno to get into the main character’s head. Yeah, it tends to turn a few heads at work when they see Deadmau5 or The Birthday Massacre or Collide or the three Underworld soundtracks next to my cd player at work.

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