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Has our hero finally met his match . . .?

While editing Wings of Fire, I started working on my other late short story, hoping to wrap it up soon also. I can now say I’m 4,713 words into the first draft for Skin the Cat. While Wings of Fire is my take on the legend of the Firebird, Skin the Cat is my take on the folktale of Catskin, which is a Cinderella variant.

I had my wife read through the first section and she agrees, the female protagonist in this story is easily as snarky as my main character and so far, she’s made him blush twice. This is turning into one of my most favorite stories in the “For a Few Gold Pieces More” collection.

I’m taking tomorrow off from work and planning on spending the majority of Christmas Eve writing (and wrapping those last few presents I’m still waiting for UPS to deliver). However, first thing tomorrow, I’m taking the daughter-unit out for breakfast and some father-daughter visiting time.

Man, it feels good to be making progress again.

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