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One down, too many to go.

Sometimes, the issue with being an author is not writer block. It’s having too many ideas and too many projects. You sit down to start working on one and three other ideas pop into your head and all of them start demanding time on your writing schedule.

However, it’s still a good feeling when you just put your head down and plow through until you complete one of the projects. That takes a little of the pressure off and hopefully you can open up the spigot a bit more and get more work done on the remaining projects.

I don’t think I’ll ever “not” have a project, but I do hope I can avoid running this many into the same writing season as I did this last few months.

I added another 4415 words to Wings of Fire, the eighth story in the “For a Few Gold Pieces More” collection. And with that last word, I finally hit “The End”.

The plan is to give it a good scrubbing tomorrow and then hopefully get it off to the editor tomorrow evening.

Then onto the next project.

And the next . . .

And so on.

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